Ferrari Granulati has been working in the marble granules and powder products since 1986.

The company’s passion for marble, combined with its technical experience and know-how, has led to a constant and balanced development, both from a technological and commercial standpoint. Our products are utilised in several fields, and our focus is providing our customers with full technical support and guiding them in selecting the best types and services for any use.

Ferrari Granulati is the reference point for the production and distribution of a wide range of white and coloured marble granules and powder products.

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Our History

The next few years will be filled with challenges and changes, at all levels and in all sectors; as for us, we will always contribute our commitment and passion, so that our products and services can always be used with many benefits and satisfaction by our trusted customers.

Our Products

Our attention to the product has always been a strength of Ferrari Granulati’s corporate policy: effective and high-quality production has always been our priority. Through constant research, we have selected the best marble in quality and availability over the years, so as to offer one of the most complete and reliable ranges on the market to our customers.

There are many granule sizes to choose from: thanks to our technologies – from crushing to sieving – we can offer up to 16 granule sizes between 15 and 80 mm micron, for some materials.

The colour ranges become endless, when our materials are mixed together.


The majority of our natural stones come from Italian quarries: our territory is famous for the availability of materials and rocks of different kinds, with a strong geological characteristic , and always appreciated for their aesthetic features.

We are specialized in the production and processing of the finest Italian marbles.

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Ferrari Granulati srl is specialized in the production of marble granules and calcium carbonate. With such a wide offer of materials/granule sizes/mixtures, our products are utilised in many different sectors, with excellent results: from industry, construction and agriculture to several decorative/artistic applications.