Ferrari Granulati marble chips and powders

Ferrari Granulati Marmi has been operating in the marble chips and powder sector since 1986.
Our passion for marble together with our experience and technical expertise has allowed the company to grow continuously both in terms of business and technology.
Our products are used in diverse fields. Our goal is to provide our clients with all the technical assistance and collaboration they need to select the types of services that best meet their requirements

Below is a short list of the many innovations that have made us grow and improved our range of products.

1986 - Acquisition of the firm “Menegolli Cav. Marcello”
1994 - First automatic packaging line for 50 and 25 kg bags
1996 - Launch of the innovative component mixing service
1998 - Full renovation of the coloured material grinding plant
2000 - Second automatic packaging line for 25 and 10 kg bags
2001 - Installation of the marble chips cleaning system
2003 - Development of the VirtualTerrazzo simulation
             software by Maticad
2006 - New calcium carbonate micronization system
2009 - Implementation of the optoelectronic sorting system
             for Bianco Carrara
2012 - Start with new brand SABBIARELLI
educational/creative game for children for sandart
2016 - New system for calcium carbonate with recomposed
             grain-size distribution curve

… Shortly, we’ll introduce a new technology for large surface flooring

The next few years will be full of changes and new challenges. We will keep facing them with all our commitment and passion to ensure that our products will always meet your full satisfaction.