There are many applications for marble chips and powders

AggloCemento – AggloResina:
Stone that is expertly recomposed, by mixing marble chips and powders with a “binder” of either cement or resin.
Mixture can be used to produce blocks, which can be cut and processed, or tiles or other products.
The opportunity to create personalised materials, uniform colours, ecosustainability, large volume production make the agglomerates a inning product for the today and tomorrow building trade.

Decorative tiles and products:
A tradition lasting more than one hundred years, these tiles stand up to the challenges of time with their refined, stylish design. Historic Italian companies have produced these materials and received unquestioned international prestige.

Terrazzo Veneziano and mosaics:
Very antique origins, mosaics were mainly developed in Venice, where back in 1586 the rules were written down about how to make them correctly.
The raw materials (marble chips and powders and other stone materials) reach their maximum expression in this flooring form, where expert and creative craftsmen make each work a unique masterpiece.

Prefabricated products and urban forniture:

Our materials are used by the prefabrication industry to give a noble “skin” to reinforced concrete structures. Various processes that have been researched and developed by them cover all the possible market requests, from washed, polished, sanded or bushammered.
By using marble chips, the typical practicality of prefabricated structures can be provided with a precious and long-lasting appearance.

Colours and marble powders for interiors and exteriors:

The white and coloured powders and micro-sizes are fundamental components in this field of use.
Pigmentation using coloured marble powders guarantees elegant finishes and long-lasting resistance to the weather.

Glue and stucco:
Micronized calcium carbonate and marble powders are primary bases for many glues and stuccos. When they are used in the right proportions they guarantee excellent adhesion for the joins and can be used very thick to prevent shrinkage and cracking.

Plastic materials:
Micronized calcium carbonate has always been one of the most widely used components to alter and improve the performance properties of polymers.
The very pure white calcium carbonate we produce (White Marble selected optically-electronically) is ideal to produce white compounds, reducing the need to use titanium dioxide or when the constant colour of the finished product is a vital feature.

Art of gardening and Zen gardens:
The final appearance and practical function (mulching) are combined to make our granulate an indispensible tool in the art of garden landscaping.
The wide range of materials and sizes, enable garden landscapers to create constantly improved combinations to highlight and valorise their creations.

For several years our products have been used in agriculture as acidity regulators, absorbers of polluting substances, and as fillers for fertilisers.

Other sectors where our materials are used:

Glass, ceramics, toothpaste cosmetics, household detergents, sand-blasting, floral decorations.