Product focus has always been the strongpoint of Ferrari Granulati's company policy: our priority is efficient and top quality production.

Through constant research, over the years we have selected the best quality, available marbles to ensure that our customers are offered the most complete and reliable range on the market.
In the Materials Section, you will find all images and technical data for each type of available material.

There is a wide range sizes available: from crushing through to sieving, our technology means that for certain materials we can offer 16 different sizes, ranging from 15 micron to 80 mm. You can see the specifications into Sizes Page.

By using our materials in mixtures, the colour range becomes virtually endless. In the Mixtures Section you will find some of our proposals, but the mixing service we offer is just the “arm” of your imagination and creativity.

With such a wide range of materials/sizes/mixtures, our products can be used with excellent results in many different sectors: industry, building, agriculture through to various decorative and artistic applications.

The possibility of a rational use of materials often depends on having the most suitable packaging for the specific use. In the Packaging Section, you will find all the clear indications of the different methods we propose to package our products.